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Metallica tickets for the tour dates in 2017 are on sale now! One of the biggest selling rock bands in American History; Metallica. Since 1981 Metallica have stormed our stereos and have continued so in 2017. Known for their dominance in the metal community the band has emerged as one of the top music acts of the century. The band is currently made up of four members, vocalist/guitarist James Hatfield, drummer Lars Ulrich, lead guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo. Since starting out in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Metallica have become a household name across the world. With nine albums and a tenth in production spanning across 35 years, the band have clearly made their mark. From the beginning of a newspaper advert posted by Lars Ulrich looking for people to start up a band, Metallica have seen their fair share of the limelight. Their most demanded album, Master of Puppets (1986) has been described as one of the most influential thrash metal albums of all time. But it is not only an influence that the band have been recognised for, but between the years of 1990 - 2009, they have won eight grammy awards for their outstanding music. It was the first four albums (Kill 'Em All - 1983, Ride the Lightening - 1984, Master of Puppets - 1986 and ...And Justice For All - 1988) that saw the band reach that critical and popular success. But it wasn't until the band released their first music video 'One' from '...Justice For All' on MTV that saw the band reach a mainstream status. Throughout the years Metallica have had a few changes in their line up, including guitarist Dave Mustaine (1981-1982) who left to form Megadeth and bassist Cliff Burton (1982-1986) who sadly died in a bus accident whilst the band were on tour. Each of these members helped influence and shape who Metallica are today. Get your Metallica tickets now - Don't miss the Metallica tour dates in 2017!